Testak.org: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are behind Testak.org?
An anonymous user's account may be opened. Why isn't identification required?
Users may identify themselves in the service. What are the benefits of this identification?
I lost my user links. May I recover them?
The system allows the user to identify the e-mail address and name of the author. Should I worry about the misuse of my data?
I entered my questions and I want my students to access them. What should I do?
The end user link is hard to remember. Why? May I customize it?
How long will my tests be available at testak.org?
Testak.org does not show ads and it is a free service. How does it obtain the income needed to maintain the service?
Let's suppose I decide to use the service. I need to confirm that this service will be continued in future. Can I trust it?
Can you provide more technical data on system performance?
How may I contact you?